Get Your Beach Bod Ready

Lake Havasu State Park

Existing white sand beach at Lake Havasu State Park will be expanded.

Mark Twain once advised, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” But that’s not entirely true in Lake Havasu City where they’re about to open some new land …. a new quarter-mile beach to be exact, with blindingly white sand.

Construction is underway to create a white sand beach from the State Park lot 4 event area to the condos on the east side of the channel, replacing an unused and overgrown portion of the lakefront.

Now about that sand …. no, it’s not lugged back from Anguilla in empty luggage. It looks like Caribbean sand, but actually comes from a quarry south of Las Vegas which also sells sand to lakefront municipalities on Lake Michigan.

This Nevada sand is quarried, sifted and delivered by the dump truck loads to Lake Havasu State Park. It’s heavier than Caribbean varieties so it stays on the ground and doesn’t fly up into your tuna sandwich.

Not only will there be a new beach ready by Memorial Day, but officials at the Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona State Parks are increasing boat launch capacity by 33 percent.

The new fourth launch ramp will be ready by Memorial Day. It will be a glorious seven- to eight-lane ramp between Lot 3B and Windsor 4. As a result, wait times will be cut dramatically.

The additional ramp will also be available to handle emergencies on the lake which may require a temporary closure of a ramp to the public, according to Pete Knotts, park manager.

The ramp will be v-notched for added traction, said Knott, who is a boater himself and knows how precious leisure time is for all of us. “The new ramp will relieve congestion, without necessarily increasing the number of boats on the water,” he tells us. “We’ll be able to get people on and off the water in a safe manner, with less waiting.”

The new construction also includes an additional 72 oversized parking spots on the east side of the access road, more restrooms, and a new exit out of Lot 4 which will ease traffic congestion.

Construction is going smoothly and the weather has been cooperating to ensure an opening by Memorial Day.

So “ramp up” and plan to spend the summer on Lake Havasu.

For information about the lake’s current launch ramps, check out the Boating section of

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