Say Cheese: The Brew Shack Offers 32 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

The Brew shack Lake Havasu City.
It’s not always clear who decides these things, but April is National Grilled Cheese Month and what better way to celebrate than to visit The Brew Shack. This is more than Velveeta on Wonder Bread. How about roast garlic and brie? It’s a new take on a blessed culinary tradition.

The Brew Shack is locally owned and operated, founded in summer 2015 by the father-son team of Jerry and Jay Shackelford. The restaurant serves 32 varieties of grilled cheese, containing everything from bratwurst, cream cheese and Pepper Jack to green onions, spinach, and Munster. You can also select from four different types of breads, including gluten free, vegan and dairy free.

Order a “Pay it Forward” sandwich for $5.99 and you’ll be donating to a program that provides meals for people in need. Also check their website and Facebook page for the dates of popular Brew Shack Beer Tasting Nights, held on the second and last Friday of each month.

The décor is anything but cheesy – the Shackelfords are Arizona proud, and have decorated their restaurant in the colors of the Arizona state flag. There’s free Wi-Fi and a lounge area so you can nurse your gooey creation for hours as you write your next novel or, um, post a cat video to Facebook.

“For something so simple as grilled cheese, we try to have a lot of fun with it,” says Jay, a resident of Lake Havasu City.

As befits the name, the Shack also serves 30-plus varieties of teas and coffee, most of which are available online. See The Brew Shack menu here.

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