Become a Hiking Insider: Follow the SARA Park Trails Association

Lizard Peek Trail, SARA Park Lake Havasu City

Lizard Peek is just one of the hiking trails in SARA Park.

Want to become a hiking insider when you visit? One way is to visit the Convention and Visitor Bureau’s website for a list of trails. In addition, to learn about upcoming group hikes, and see some truly amazing trail photos, including lots of animal images, head over to Facebook.

The mission of the SARA Park Trails Association (SPTA) is to promote, maintain and improve the SARA Park Trail System (which stands for Special Activity Recreation Area).

Founded 2009, the group is passionate about visiting 50+ miles of trails that are available for hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, dog walking, trekking, exploring, bird watching, orienteering, running, navigation and climbing.

SPTA coordinates volunteer trail maintenance crews, hosts trail workshop days, and applies for state and federal grants to improve trailheads.

“Lake Havasu City is a wonderful hiking destination because the trails are literally in your backyard. Most of the five- or six-mile return trip hikes are a 10-minute car ride to the trailhead,” said SPTA’s website administrator Kim Goodwin.

“I am an avid photographer and I am continually amazed at how unique and beautiful each hike is from the other.”

Kim helpfully adds, “The weather conditions are so good that you can hike for seven months, October to April, without worry about heat or snakes.”

There is no membership fee. Just “like” them on Facebook to view scenic photos, including a visit by an enthusiastic group of 44 people to Rovey’s Needle. You’ll even see an image of a gas station with a giant rooster on the roof.

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