A Clean Sweep – Divers Clean Up Copper Canyon

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Here’s a quiz: what do a waterlogged iPhone, a rubber mat and a shopping cart have in common? As far as Lake Havasu is concerned, they represent a clean sweep.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Lake Havasu Divers Association and Scuba Training & Technology, is hosting the Copper Canyon Underwater Clean-up, an effort to clear manmade debris from Copper Canyon. The date is Tuesday, May 31, 2016, from 6:15 a.m. to noon, departing from Lake Havasu Marina. At least three dozen divers and other volunteers, accompanied by pontoon boats, will scour the bottom of the canyon for whatever doesn’t belong there.

Last year’s clean-up netted nine 55-gal. trash bags worth of bottles, cans and assorted flotsam and jetsam, including left and right shoes, but rarely a complete pair.

Joel Silverstein, the association’s vice president, tells us, “If more people respected the environment, we wouldn’t have to host these underwater clean-ups, but that’s the reality.”
He continues, “On the positive side, our clean-up under the London Bridge and in Bridgewater Channel yields less and less garbage each year. I think the message is getting out there – plus peer pressure comes into play that it’s not cool anymore to toss beer cans overboard.” (Editor’s note: Coors Light beat out Bud Light during a recent clean-up).

The group leaves May 31 from Lake Havasu Marina, and celebrates their booty afterwards with a BBQ. Copper Canyon will be closed to other boaters and divers at that time.

Divers and non-divers alike are welcome to volunteer by contacting Capt. Kathy Weydig
at kathy@trimixdiver.com, or 928-855-9400.

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