Boat-In Dining Includes Skateboard Pizza Deliveries

Pizza delivery to Bridgewater Channel In Lake Havasu City, AZ.
There are drive-in pharmacies, drive-in movie theaters, and even drive-through supermarkets. When it comes to dining, why should Lake Havasu be any different?

Want to spend as much time on the water as you can? Consider what we so cleverly call a “boat-in” restaurant. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a great gourmet coffee, there’s a boat-in restaurant to fulfill your craving.

But if you’re feeling extra indulgent, Papa Leone’s, family owned for 25 years and overlooking the London Bridge at 304 English Village, will deliver your order by skateboard.

Cody Hull, an employee at the store, says there’s no minimum order and deliveries will be fast – and horizontal – not slung vertically over some skater dude’s shoulder turning your pepperonis and tomatoes into mush.

“We hire kids who know how to ride a skateboard,” Cody tells us. “Boaters absolutely get a kick out of it. It also helps with tips when a boater sees their pizza rolling up. It’s a lot faster than walking.”

No hoverboard deliveries are planned for the future, although considering how many have burst into flames, maybe that’s one way to order your pizza piping hot.

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