Bridgewater Channel Rules

City Ordinances Governing the Channel

The Bridgewater Channel in Lake Havasu City is a primary gathering place for residents and vacationers and is a favorite hot-spot for boaters to beach during the warmer weather. The “Channel” is subject to the Lake Havasu City, Arizona Code of Ordinances as well as State and Federal laws. In the City Ordinance details, Arizona state law (AZ Revised Statutes) is noted in parenthesis.

City Ordinances At a Glance

•Boaters must stay to the right (counter-clockwise) •No stopping in the channel
•No boat 36′ or longer allowed in channel •No-wake zone/5 mph max.
•Driver’s view may not be impeded at any time •No overnight mooring
•No overloading of passengers in a boat •No swimming in or across the channel, this includes SCUBA diving.
•No reckless or dangerous operation of a boat •Water cannons/guns are illegal
•No idling while beached •No bow-riding while underway

Violation of any of the ordinances above constitutes a criminal misdemeanor violation under Lake Havasu City Ordinance and is subject to a fine of not-to-exceed $2,500, or by imprisonment for a period not-to-exceed 6 months, or both.

*Note: Possession of or being under the influence of marijuana is a felony in Arizona unless you carry a medical marijuana card issued by the state of Arizona. Medical marijuana cards issued by any other states are not valid.

For specific information about operating a boat or PWC while under the influence of alcohol, please go to the Operating Under the Influence page at
Fines and penalties may be greater based on the infraction or crime, as well as the violator being charged under both the city ordinance and the Arizona state statutes, which may constitute a different misdemeanor class. Common sense is the best way to keep yourself and your party safe from harm or citation. Anyone planning on boating through the Bridgewater Channel is urged to familiarize themselves with the Lake Havasu City Code of Ordinances, as well as the Arizona Revised Statutes.